Becoming a Home and Garden Guru

Buying A Springfield Table

I decided to buy a Springfield table in light of the fact that we were going to have twelve people visiting us over the holidays. We had a small table that only accommodated six people, and it was time for an upgrade. I found a nice Springfield table when I was out shopping at a furniture store, and the table was perfect. The table had some great features, including the ability to extend the table to almost twice its normal size, the ability to add more chairs, and there was a protective cover on it so that my children could not ruin the table. Read More 

Landscaping Mulch Chicago: Finding The Best Look For Your Yard

My dream yard has been in the works since I was a teenager. I love to look through home and garden magazines and look at all of the unique landscaping that is available for many different areas. I have recently moved to Chicago. I am still living in an apartment, so I don't have a yard to landscape yet. I love to dream about what I will do with my yard when I actually have one. Read More 

Using 8X12 Shed Plans

When we moved in to our new house we had a lot of landscaping planned for the yard. I wanted all new sod and a flower garden and a play area for our children. We knew that it would take more than one summer to get everything done but we would need to buy most of the supplies immediately. I did not want all of our things just loose in our yard so another thing I added to our to do list was to get some 8X12 shed plans and look at getting a shed made. Read More 

Types Of Window Treatments In Naples FL

Window treatments in Naples FL are items that people purchase for covering their windows. Windows are a great part of a home and they are essential, but they also offer a way for people to look inside. People like privacy, especially people that live in neighborhoods. A lot of people do not feel safe if their windows are bare, and therefore they will purchase various types of window treatments in Naples FL. Read More 

Window Repair Denver: An Answer To Broken Windows

Window repair Denver has been a service I have used on too many occasions. Just this past summer we had another window accident while cleaning the basement windows. My son was on one side of the window and I on the other. We were taking turns using the cleaner and then opening the window and handing it back. My son decided not to use the frame of the window to slide it open and instead put pressure against the glass. Read More