We Want To Make Small Vegetable Gardens

We have a decent sized backyard, but there is only one area that gets a lot of sun. We needed to make two small vegetable gardens that would produce enough vegetables for us to have fresh produce all summer. We weren't sure how to plant things to get the most out of our two small vegetable gardens, but after going to a local garden shop, we got a good idea. Since the size of each garden was going to be only five feet by five feet, we would tier it up so there would be different levels for vegetables to grow on. Of course the top tiers would be for the bigger vegetable plants such as beans and tomatoes, and each of the lower tiers could grow peppers and other short growing vegetable plants. The other garden would be for herbs and potatoes. We didn't use up too much of our yard, but had a big harvest of vegetables all summer. We had so much, that we were giving our extra vegetables to our neighbors. The small vegetable gardens were the best idea for someone like us who don't have too much room for a traditional garden, but want to have a big harvest.