Becoming a Home and Garden Guru

Spending My Lunchtime Watching A Des Moines Roofing Crew

For the past week I've been going to a couple of different restaurants close to work for lunch and watching some guys from a Des Moines roofing company put a new roof on a big old house across the street. I find this comforting because my dad did roofing for many years when I was a kid, and watching roofers at lunchtime reminds me of my childhood. I remember Mom bringing lunch to Dad if he was working close by, and I got to ride along if I wasn't in school. Read More 

I Created Some Outdoor Wall Decor With Plants

I love my backyard to look lush all summer. I plant so many things, and my perennials are getting really big. We have a platform deck, and I had my husband put up a wall on one side of it. I wanted to create some outdoor wall decor on it. I had seen these wall gardens in a magazine, and I wanted that on the wall he built. This would just add to the lushness already in the yard. Read More 

Looking For Wind Chimes For Sale

I never knew what to buy my mother for her birthday or Christmas. She was a bit of a mountain woman. She lived in a cottage in the middle of nowhere and really only spoke with us on special occasions or when we went to visit. I loved her but we just had extremely different lifestyles. This year I decided that I would try to get in to her mind set as much as possible when I chose a gift for her. Read More 

Tips For Saving Money On Bellingham Self Storage

A lot of people are interested in renting a storage unit due to all the fantastic things that they have heard regarding the organization that can be done in their home with the additional storage they receive. In order to find a fantastic Bellingham self storage facility with a unit that meets your needs, you must take some time considering what kinds of options are available for saving money. Searching for facilities that provide discounts to new customers during a limited time is a great idea if you want to reduce the cost of your storage unit drastically. Read More 

Long Arm Quilting Service - The Right Solution To Your Sewing Needs

For a long time I worked on making my first quilt. I had gotten all the pieces cut to the right size, carefully sewed them together to meet at the right places, and finally was able to see my finished project. The sense of accomplishment was one that made me want to jump right into a new quilt. However, as I was looked at my quilt I realized there was just something missing. Read More