Becoming a Home and Garden Guru

Best Tree Care Service In Ames Iowa

You may not realize how important your trees are to you until they are gone. Your children climb on them, they add beauty to your yard, you hang your hammock on them and enjoy a summer afternoon, and they provide much needed shade on a hot day. Many things can happen to your tree that can cause it to die and you will no longer have that beautiful tree in your yard. Read More 

Home Staging In Bradenton Transforms House And Gets Offers

When my husband was transferred, we only had a few weeks to pack up and move. That left the realtor with an empty house to show. When we didn't see much action within a few weeks of listing the house, my realtor recommended that we hire a home staging in Bradenton company to make the house a bit more appealing. I readily agreed as I wanted the house to find a new owner as soon as possible. Read More 

We Used A Plumbing Service Van Nuys CA When We Were In A Pinch

We recently had an issue with the plumbing in our house just hours before we had a massive home warming party with all our friends and family in attendance. We had been having issues with the plumbing in our house backing up into the tub for a few weeks, but we thought that we finally had the issue under control. We first noticed the problem weeks earlier when we noticed a foul smell coming out of the tub. Read More 

Why You Should Always Buy The Best Garden Tools You Can Afford

If you own a house and have some property that you need to maintain, you should buy the best garden tools you can afford. Garden tools that are built with better and stronger materials not only work better, but they also last longer. You could probably go out and buy a rake or a cheap hoe for less than $10 and it would work okay for raking up some leaves or creating furrows to plant your tulips. Read More 

Reinventing The Living Room Through Unique Candelabra

When my husband and I first moved into our new apartment, we were very happy with the decor: 1920s-built, hard wood everything, a fireplace, original chain-operated lights attached to the walls. The only ornament in our home that seemed to hold the place back from true warm elegance was the decidedly unoriginal chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Faux gold with the lightbulbs hooded in frosted, fluted glass bowls, it gave the living room a stuffy feel. Read More