Carpet Cleaning Salt Lake City UT: New Baby

I am 9 months pregnant with my first child, and I want everything to be perfect for when we bring him home. I have spent the past week nesting and getting the house perfect. The only part of the home that was bothering me were the rugs. We have two dogs and they still have the occasional accident. My husband and I decided to get all the rugs cleaned before I went into the hospital for delivery. We found a well reviewed carpet cleaning Salt Lake City UT company. They charge per room and use steam with a special formula for pet stains. The carpet cleaning Salt Lake City UT showed up on time. The two gentlemen were very friendly and got right to work. They were extremely careful moving our furniture pieces. The special formula for pets did an amazing job getting rid of the old pet stains. They were able to finish the whole house in just a few hours. The rugs came out looking brand new. The house also now has a very fresh smell, and all the pet smells were eliminated. If you are looking for carpet cleaning in the Salt Lake City area, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services.