Becoming a Home and Garden Guru

I Needed Some Small Appliance Repairs In Denver

Once upon a time, I needed some small appliance repairs in Denver. Let's just say it hadn't been the best day. I'm a nanny for three kids, all girls. Their names are Kallie, Jen, and Lauren. Lauren's been teething lately, and I've had my hands full. I do everything I can, but she just screams and screams. Sometimes I just have to stop bothering, because nothing will help. I'm sure we will both be glad when her teeth are finally through. Read More 

Getting My Carpet Tallahassee Cleaned

After my kids had destroyed my carpet for years, you can only imagine my joy as they moved out one by one as they got old enough to. After my last kids were out of the house, my wife and I decided to replace our carpet with nice stuff. We looked all over for carpet that would look great and that would last, and we decided on some really nice light colored carpet that would brighten the place up. Read More 

Checking Your Garden Soil in Vancouver

I finally decided to take up gardening after we moved into our new home in Vancouver and had a good sized yard. I didn't really know the first thing about gardening, but I read a lot of books and talked family and friends who had experience with gardening. One of the first pieces of advice that I was given was to learn about the garden soil in Vancouver. Understanding the garden soil in Vancouver would be vital to having success with growing plants and vegetables in my garden. Read More 

Movers Salt Lake City Are Great Help For Families With Small Children

While having a large family can help when moving, that is not the case if the family consists of many small children. Having small children can actually hinder the ability to move without help, and many families with small children seek the help of movers Salt Lake City. Professional movers can pack and move your items while you tend to your children's needs. A move can seem impossible when you have small children, but the help of movers Salt Lake City can make it a breeze. Read More 

The Basics Of Sod Installation In St Paul

Sod installation in St Paul is a process of laying blankets of grass over raw ground. The ground should be prepared first before the installation begins. Sod is delivered in rolls to an area in which it will be laid. However, the ground it will be laid upon should be free of grass and debris. Many times sod is laid after new construction, such as a housing development. The ground has no grass and only requires leveling before the sod is laid on top. Read More