Landscaping Charlottesville Va Made Our Home Beautiful

I got an early Christmas present from my husband this year. We have lived in our home for about three years, so essentially we still consider it our "new" house. I got to help design it, so it's my dream-come-true home. However, we spent a lot of money on it, so landscaping was going to have to wait awhile. We did put in a pretty lawn, but that didn't stand out very much. Part of my procrastination was that I actually didn't know where to start to make a pretty front yard. My husband came to me this fall and he said, "Merry Christmas in October!" Then he explained that landscaping Charlottesville VA experts would be at our home for several days that very week, and they would know exactly what to do. They came with soil, dozens of plants and bushes, some gorgeous trees, and they got to work! It was fascinating watching the men and women from landscaping Charlottesville VA work their magic! First they set things down where they wanted them to be planted. They did a little switching around, and then they got to work. The last thing they did was to place hanging plants in existing trees for a totally gorgeous look.