Used Commercial Coin Laundry Machines After The Flood

We had gone through a horrible flood last fall, and we had over one foot of water in our home. We lost everything like our furniture and appliances. We were able to save our clothing though. It was wet and needed to be cleaned, but at least we didn't need to replace all that. I had taken all our wet dirty laundry to a laundromat that had commercial coin laundry machines. The commercial coin laundry machines were able to do very large loads of laundry. Some of our clothes had mud on them and I didn't think they would come clean. I figured that I had nothing to lose, and put them into these commercial machines. They run about thirty minutes, and cost about four dollars in quarters. They even had a pre-wash cycle, and you could control the temperature of the water. I washed everything on hot to kill any germs on the clothes. The clothes had come out of the washer cleaner than they had ever been. The laundromat also had commercial coin operated dryers, and they were quite efficient. Using the laundromat to save our clothing had saved us hundreds of dollars by not having to replace our clothes. I wish I had these machines at home.