The Dangers Of Subterranean Termites

Most homeowners dread the thought of discovering that their home has been affected by termites. Termite damage can compromise the structural integrity of a home, so you are probably keeping a close watch for any signs of termite activity, Subterranean termites have the potential to infest your property without many visible signs.

Understanding the behaviors these bugs exhibit and the extent of the damage these stealthy creatures can cause will help motivate you to invest in regular termite inspections for your home.

1. Subterranean termites are most active at night.

As you create a termite control plan for your home, it's important that you recognize that subterranean termites swarm most often during the evening hours between dusk and midnight. Nights with a higher humidity level can be particularly active for these types of termites.

You should strive to locate an exterminator that works at night to ensure that you are identifying and killing off any subterranean termites that may be negatively affecting your home.

2. Subterranean termites can establish secondary colonies.

If your exterminator identifies a colony of subterranean termites underneath your deck or the foundation of your home, it is critical that you check for secondary colonies to ensure that the termites are completely eradicated.

Subterranean termites can establish secondary colonies anywhere that a constant source of moisture exists. When moisture is present, these termites don't need contact with the soil to thrive. Areas where plumbing leaks or broken roof tiles exist are particularly vulnerable to secondary subterranean termite colony formation.

3. Subterranean termites can work quickly to compromise your home.

Subterranean termites that take time to identify can work quickly to destroy the structural integrity of your home. A single queen can live anywhere from 15 to 25 years and lay an egg every 15 seconds. Each termite has the potential to consume between 2% and 3% of their body weight each day.

With voracious appetites and the ability to repopulate at an astonishing rate, it is vital that you work with an exterminator who has experience identifying and eradicating subterranean termite colonies to ensure your home is properly protected in the future.

Termites can wreak havoc on your property, so managing these pests is of vital importance. Knowing when termites are active, where they colonize, and how they populate can help you work with an exterminator to eliminate any termites from your property before they have the chance to cause serious structural damage.

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