Types Of Air Conditioning Units For Shorewood IL Residences

The process of air conditioning involves taking hot and humid air, passing it through a chemical cooling system, and removing the air and heat from it. The air is then blown throughout a living area, either through fans or through duct work throughout the house. There are several different types of air conditioning units for Shorewood IL residences, all of which have their own benefits and drawbacks, depending on the type of residence. Older homes that do not have central air conditioning units in Shorewood IL, as well as apartment buildings, can benefit from window units. These types of air conditioning units are placed in a window, allowing air to pass through from the outside and blow into a room cooled and humidity-free. These can be placed in rooms throughout the house, or they can be limited to only one or two rooms that tend to get extremely hot. Central air conditioning units consist of an outdoor unit that powers the entire system and sends coolant through lines into the house. The air is then cooled and blown through the ductwork of the house, in much the same way that a furnace heats and blows air through the house. These are fairly standard in more modern homes, as they are built with the ductwork in place and ready for the air conditioner to be placed outside the home.