Crowns In Maplewood MN

In dentistry today there has been a number of advances in dental technology that can be used to beautify your teeth. Two of the technologies that can be use are crowns and veneers. Although both of these procedures will change the appearance of poor looking teeth, each have specific advantages depending on the needs of the patient. The following are the differences between veneers and crowns in Maplewood MN. In the case of crowns they can be used to provide a significant color change and shape in the appearance of a tooth. For badly decayed or broken teeth a crown can rebuild and strengthen a tooth. If the patient has a problem with clenching and grinding their teeth a crown can withstand these behaviours. The two downsides of a crown is the requirement of a significant reduction in the tooth as the crown fits over top of it. To install a crown the tooth must be ground to a small nub. Second, once a crown has been used for a tooth that tooth will always require a crown. On the other hand, veneers can also be used for a slight change in tooth color and shape. Veneers must be placed on a mostly healthy and strong tooth. Veneers are only installed on the front of the tooth so do not require the significant tooth reduction. Veneers are strong but brittle and will not withstand tooth grinding or clenching habits. When a veneer has been used on a tooth it can sometimes be removed but not in all cases. A cap can also be used to replace a veneer tooth if the need arises. A qualified dentist can determine if veneer or crowns in Maplewood MN should be used.