The Right Plastic Surgeons In Scottsdale

Age takes its toll on everyone. Some people age gracefully and become more beautiful over time. Others just get old and wrinkly looking and their features begin to sag. My husband had the amazing luck to get better looking with age. Myself on the other had did not get such luck. Of course he thinks I am beautiful but I want to feel good about myself and think I look good when I look in the mirror every morning. For my sixtieth birthday my husband told me that he would pay for some procedures with plastic surgeons in Scottsdale. I wanted to make sure that I was going to see good plastic surgeons in Scottsdale so I began asking around for recommendations and positive feedback. I wanted to know where my friend's that had the best work went and who their doctors were. I narrowed it down to two and then made consultation appointments. There was one that stood out way above the other and I decided to have him do my facelift, tummy tuck and butt lift. His office staff was amazing and he was soft spoken and gentle. He took some photos and using a computer showed me what the final product would be. When it came time for my surgeries I was confident that I was in good hands. When the bandages all came off I was completely satisfied with the final product.