We Hired A Chicago Foam Insulation Company

We have noticed this past winter that our house was terribly cold. Our heating bills are through the roof and we realized why. Our attic had almost no insulation in it, so we were losing heat. We called a Chicago foam insulation company to see if they could give us an estimate. A salesman from the Chicago foam insulation company came out to the house and looked inside of our attic. He confirmed that we didn't have nearly enough insulation in there. He said that what they would do is just spray the foam insulation over the top of the existing insulation. He gave us pricing based on how much insulation we wanted. We told him that we wanted it to be at least 12 inches thick. He measured the attic and was able to give us an estimate. We signed a contract to get the work started and made an appointment for three weeks later for the installers to come out and spray the attic. They came out to do the work and brought a large piece of equipment with them. It had a large hose attachment on it. They started spraying the foam insulation in the attic and were completely done in just two hours. Our heating bills have definitely been cheaper and we've noticed a different in noise. They did a great job.