Do-It-Yourself Carpet Cleaning In Chicago

If you know your wall-to-wall carpeting needs a professional carpet cleaning in Chicago, but there is not enough time to do it before expected guests arrive, try some of these tricks for cleaner carpets fast. 1. For a carpet that is dirty all over, ammonia can help brighten it up fast. Just mix a cup of ammonia with about a quart of warm water, then rub the solution all over the dirty areas, giving it a thorough DIY carpet cleaning in Chicago. Do not use ammonia on wool carpets and for other carpet materials you should test it on an unseen spot beforehand, just to be on the safe side. 2. Ink stains do not necessarily mean your carpet is ruined. Mix together a paste of lemon juice and cream of tartar, then dab it on the ink stains. Let the mixture sit for at least five minutes so it has time to do it's magic, then wipe it off with a damp washcloth. 3. Grease stains on the carpet are bad news, especially on light-colored carpeting. The shaving cream trick works for many people who have grease stains, so it may work for you, too. Rub some shaving cream on the grease stains and let it sit for a minute or two. Then wash it off with a damp cloth and your stains should disappear.