The Value Of Furniture Refurbishing for Antique Furniture in State College PA

You might have acquired a stunning old dresser at an estate sale, or you might simply have found an unexpected treasure at a thrift store. Then again, you could possibly own an old desk that you can't bear to sell, but that you know looks too shabby to keep in your house any longer. Furniture refurbishing of antique furniture in State College PA is often the ideal solution for turning old, worn out furniture into stunning, show-stopping pieces. Cleaning and preparing the surfaces of old furniture are two of the most important steps in the refinishing process. If you try to paint over dusty or dirty items, the results will be very poor. In fact, your paint might not even adhere to the surface of furniture that hasn't been properly cleaned. In addition, many paint and stain products need to be applied to surfaces that have first been stripped, sanded, and rubbed clean with a tack cloth. Furniture refurbishing of antique furniture in State College PA sometimes includes reupholstering old cushions or sofas. If you want the furniture to maintain its vintage qualities, you can even choose upholstery fabric with nostalgic styling. Once you tear off the old fabric, replace the stuffing, and reupholster everything with new material, you will have furniture worthy of being placed in any room of your house.