I Was Shopping For Cheap Scented Candles

Our wedding shower was coming up and I was planning to make the centerpieces for the tables and then give them out as prizes. One person from each table would get one of the centerpieces. I was looking around for cheap scented candles for the centerpieces. The cheap scented candles were going to be in the middle of the table and a wreath of garland was going to surround the base of the candle. I saw a tutorial on-line and it looked fairly easy to make. I was trying to make them as cheaply as possible, since I had to make 25 of them. I found cheap scented candles on-line that were what I had been looking for. They had quite a few different scent options available. The candles were right in my budget range to keep the centerpiece price down. I ordered 26 candles, just in case. I received them in the mail about a week later. They all arrived at once. As soon as I picked up the box, I could smell the fragrance of the candles. They were very scented and smelled great. They were perfect for the centerpieces I made. Everyone at the shower loved them and I even kept the extra candle for myself.