Two Kinds Of Oils Make The Best Scented Candles

I have found a place that sells the best scented candles that I have ever smelled. It is a little outlet store about two miles from my home. These candles are sold in many craft and department stores. However, I am able to buy the same candles at a fraction of the cost at the outlet store. Besides the great prices, I love shopping at this candle store because it is so convenient to my house. There are several factors that make these candles the best scented candles. They have fragrance oils in two forms. The first form is natural oils. These oils come from the flowers and plants in nature. These oils have a positive effect on the well-being of humans. The other oils are man-made. They are called synthetic oils. Synthetic oils mimic the characteristics of natural oils. It is possible to turn synthetic oils into an infinite number of fragrances. Synthetic oils cost less and keep the price of the candles down. These candles use both type of oils. This creates beautiful smelling candles that are available in dozen of appealing fragrances. I buy the fruit and floral scents for the spring and summer months. I love the spicy scents for the autumn months. I especially enjoy the selection of holiday fragrances that are available for burning during the Christmas season.