Unique Acrylic Modern Furniture

The kids are finally out of the house and we are slowly getting over the empty nest syndrome. My husband and I were looking around the house and thinking that it was time for us to get some new furniture. Our couches have stains and the coffee table is full of water rings. We had had kids in the house for over twenty years, and it was time that we do something fun for us! After searching a number of furniture stores, we decided on getting some unique, acrylic modern furniture that we saw. The acrylic modern furniture not only looked nice, but seemed sturdy as well. We wanted to get pieces that would withstand grandchildren in the future. We purchased a coffee table as well as two end tables to place on either side of the couch. The tables are see through and really seem to be a conversation piece. I love how easily they can be cleaned and being that they are scratch resistant is even better. We will be saving so that we can get a matching entertainment center for our TV and other electronic devices. Our living room looks better than ever and we cannot wait to have people over to show it all off.