Solar Fountains For The Garden Pay For Themselves

When choosing features for your garden that light up or otherwise move, you want energy efficiency to be one of the leading considerations. Obviously you want the items to look good and fit in, but you also want to keep your energy bills in check and not use any more than you really need to. With that in mind, you might want to look at solar fountains for the garden. These fountains have small solar cells attached to them that allow them to run for as long as you like during the day. Many models have an electrical plug option for operation at night, too, though you have to be careful where you place those -- those are fountains that you do not want too close to external water sources like pools, where water could splash on the cord. Solar fountains for the garden can pay for themselves in the long run if you use the fountain a lot. A fountain that you use every once in a while will not save you that much on your utility bill, but one that you use regularly could soon match its price in virtual energy savings. If you have been using a plug-in fountain, or if you have been budgeting while assuming that you would spend more money on electricity because of the fountain you want to buy, then a solar-powered fountain could be an economical and sensible choice.