About Indoor Garden Supplies

Growing up in Alaska is like growing up in a perpetual winter. Up here in the north, we rejoice over a few pops of greenery in the summer. It was a real shame then to discover that I have a natural green thumb. However, this inspired me to start an indoor garden. There were a lot of indoor garden supplies that I could order from online. One of the indoor garden supplies that I came to most rely on were the light fixtures. This was especially true in the winter when the sun does not shine. I had to make sure that I bought bulbs that would give me certain levels of UV rays. These were typically fluorescent lights. I could purchase them in different sizes so that when my indoor garden grew, I could add lights that were anything from 18" to 48" long. Another one of the most important indoor garden supplies that I bought were planters. Some of them were self watering or self serving. These would hold a single plant. There were other planters that would serve as a grow box and these would hold up to five plants in them at one time. They were able to grow without any problems. With these supplies, my garden was able to thrive.