Work Done By A Custom Cabinets New York Professional Provides A Unique Kitchen Nook

I had an idea for our kitchen and dining area that I hoped a cabinet designer and installation professional could accomplish for us and make it look very nice. For custom cabinets New York has many excellent artisans from which to choose, so I began to do some research. Now that our kids were both in school, I thought it would be cool to create a little study and creative area for them between the kitchen and dining area that would include a built-in tabletop, a desk nook and some cabinets where they could store learning and creative items. This would be fun for me because I'm a stay-at-home mom, and I spend a lot of time preparing meals and baking, and I do the ironing in the kitchen as well. I wanted this children's area to blend in well with the rest of the kitchen and dining room when it was not in use for this purpose. Fortunately, the first custom cabinets New York professional I consulted with seemed to find my idea inspiring, and he drew up a few different plans from which I could choose. My husband and I were both especially impressed with one of these designs, and that is the design we had installed.