Hydroponics Lighting Has to Be Just Right

Hydroponics lighting entails UV lights that are as close to the sun's natural rays as possible. Because these gardens and plants are grown without soil but in water, to keep them growing healthy, they still need sunlight, or the equivalent thereof. Photosynthesis is still a necessary process, even for plants grown without dirt. Therefore, what hydroponics lighting usually consists of is what people in colder, darker climates often use as "light therapy". These "sun boxes" duplicate the sun's light in a number of ways, all which are effective when trying to grow organic, all natural hydroponic produce. The sun boxes are hung from hydroponic gardening systems attached to the ceiling and enable the sun boxes to move back and forth along the inverted water garden boxes in ways which almost mimic the sun's own movement but also distribute the "sun" hourly or bi-hourly to all the plants around them. For anyone that has never seen a hydroponic garden or hydroponic light movers, it's very futuristic in appearance at first. Then, once you get used to seeing it and how it works, it's rather low tech but looks a lot different than the dirt gardens most of us are used to.