Cleaning a Des Moines Storage Unit

My husband and I rented a Des Moines storage unit for more than four years while we saved the money to purchase a larger home. It had been so long since we began using the unit that we had forgotten all of the details of our contract. When we told the manager of the facility that we were vacating our space, he reminded us that we needed to clean the unit completely. We didn't want to lose our security deposit, so we wasted no time getting the job finished. Cleaning the unit wasn't as difficult as we thought it would be, but we also soon realized how much clutter we had allowed to accumulate. The first step in cleaning our Des Moines storage unit involved sorting through all of our belongings and then donating or selling many of them. When the unit was finally empty, we realized that a lot of insects and spiders had made the space their home. We used a broom to knock all the dead spiders and spider webs from the ceiling of the unit and then we thoroughly swept the entire space. Once the worst of the dirt was eliminated, we used cleaning cloths to wipe the interior walls. Finally, we filled a bucket with a sanitizing solution and mopped the entire floor of the unit. The space finally looked and smelled clean enough to pass inspection, and we felt better about leaving the unit for the next renters.