Mosquito Control In Miami

I don't know if I am allergic to mosquito's or if I am just extra sensitive to them, but whenever I get bit I start to swell up more than most people. The itch becomes unbearable and I generally avoid going out much during the mosquito season. However recently I decided that I want to enjoy my backyard at least so I called up a business specializing in mosquito control in Miami. Apparently mosquitoes lay their eggs in stagnant water so you should remove all sources of stagnant water from your property. I didn't know that until the man from the mosquito control in Miami told me, so I didn't realize that I had been causing my own problems. I have a small pool of water that sometimes gets nasty in the summer and I didn't realize that was because of mosquitoes. The pest control guy told me I should remove the water completely, use bleach in it, or replace the water regularly. He also went and sprayed a couple of problem areas. Now my backyard doesn't have near as many mosquitoes as before and I can enjoy a nice night outside rather being afraid of being bitten inside. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone with similar needs to my own.