Colorado Springs Landscaping

My wife and I have an agreement. She can do whatever she wants with the interior of the home just so long as I have full control of the outside. This arrangement has worked out well as it fulfills my passion for developing the yard and enhancing that curb appeal. As a result, I've found that there are several things I've had to consider when it comes to Colorado Springs landscaping. The first factor is to determine how much of my yard I wanted to dedicate to turf grass versus shrubs, trees, and flowers. Considering that I have three children, I wanted a yard that was both beautiful but also functional and allowed for space for them to play. I found that turf grasses such as bluegrass or zoysia handled foot traffic well. The second factor to be mindful of for Colorado Springs landscaping has to do with the amount of maintenance and attention required to keep my landscape attractive. Some plants like roses or gardenias tend to require a lot of special attention with frequent fertilizer applications, pruning, and water demands. On the flip side, shrubs like junipers generally are very hardy and require little attention once they are established. Paying attention to these two attributes will enable you to have a landscape that is enjoyable for the entire family within the constraints of your time available to manage it.