Hiring A Greeley Co Property Management

Last year my husband was approached by an executive head hunter about a position across the country. It would be a year long contract and we would be able to return to our home in Colorado when it was over. Since we didn't have the time to sell the home, we decided that renting would be the best option. One thing that we didn't want to do was be a landlord! It sounded like too much a headache for us so we started looking into a Greeley CO property management company for help in getting our rental situation figured out. The Greeley CO property management was wonderful to work with. They helped us secure renters for the time that we were going to be out of the home and had them sign a rental contract. Anytime the renters had a problem, they would call the property management company to deal with it. We would get a phone call and were told of the repairs and their cost if the home needed anything. There was no need to worry about the rent being paid because the property management company handled that aspect as well. It was definitely worth the ease of mind to hire this company for help.