Furniture Upholstery Chicago Pays Attention To Detail

I have two very old rocking chairs in my guest bedroom. I know they are old because I remembered my grandmother sitting in them when I was a very little girl. She would sit me on a little stool in front of the rocking chair and braid my hair. Then she would hold me on her lap and read me story books. She had already had those rocking chairs for years before that. She bought them when one of our beautiful hotels was remodeling. I am now sixty-seven years old, so that shows how old those chairs are! I was very sad when I realized that my treasured rocking chairs were looking very tattered. I called furniture upholstery Chicago and they assured me that they would be careful with my furniture. My biggest concern was that there was quite a bit of detail, not only on the front of the rocking chairs, but on the back as well. After choosing a lovely dusty rose and taupe stripe, I left things to furniture upholstery Chicago. My rocking chairs were perfect! In fact, they were even prettier than they had been before. The fabric I chose was just right, and the attention to detail in the upholstery was amazing.