Everyone At My Party Had A Fresh Hawaiian Flower Lei

I knew that I wanted my last party to have a Hawaiian theme because it was during the summer, and it was going to take place outside. I figured that all of my guests would enjoy being able to wear swim suits to the party as well, since it was going to take place at a local pool. I decided to get each guest a fresh Hawaiian flower lei for my party, because I figured that it would go along with my theme quite well. I also knew that they would be able to keep the fresh Hawaiian flower lei for quite some time because they could hang it up and let it dry out. I had all of the leis made right before the party so that the flowers would be as healthy and as fresh as possible. I was the one who handed out the leis to each of my guests, and they all seemed to be thrilled when I put it around their neck. I am so glad that I decided to have the fresh Hawaiian flower leis made for all of my guests because it made the party feel more authentic, and it also helped all of my guests to look like they had dressed up for the party.