A High Point NC Electronics Repair Shop Can Fix TV Sets, Vcrs And Computers

I still remember how adamant my husband was about at least attempting to get our old TV as well as our VCR repaired at a High Point NC electronics shop. Tony and I were soon driving down the road with the bulky old television set and the VCR in the trunk of the car. He said he would be happy to have the TV in his den in the basement now that we had bought a new flat-screen TV, and as long as we were taking the TV in for repair, we might as well see if the technicians could fix the VCR rather than buy a new one. We do have a DVD recorder and player now, but we still have a cabinet full of videotapes and like to watch some of those on occasion. Tony had gotten his laptop computer repaired at this High Point NC electronics shop a few years ago, so he knows they do good work at affordable prices. As it turned out, the technicians were able to get the TV working properly again and they also fixed the VCR for a much cheaper price than it would have cost to buy a new product.