Grandfather Clock Restoration: My Yard Sale Find

My husband and I love to check out all the local yard sales during the weekend. We find so many great pieces. Our style is very eclectic and our home reflects that about us. A few weekends ago, we found a beautiful grandfather clock. The clock was in rough shape, but I saw the potential with the piece. The previous owner gave us a fantastic deal that we couldn't pass up. When we got home, I did a web search for grandfather clock restoration in our area. I was happy to see that there was a family owned restoration place that specialized in clocks nearby. I called them up and set up a meeting at their shop. They would look over the clock and give me a quote for the job. The grandfather clock restoration gentlemen was very reasonable. He even said he gave me the high end of a quote, depending if the clock needed parts or not. As promised, the clock was finished a few weeks later. When my husband and I picked up the clock, we couldn't believe it was the same one. They did such a beautiful job repairing and restoring the clock. The clock did need new parts, so the quote the guy gave me was pretty much on point.