Offering Jacksonville FL Office Cleaning Services

I was considering changing jobs last year, but what I really wanted was to work for myself. I made a list of my strongest skills and talents, and I finally realized that I would be well-suited to starting a Jacksonville FL office cleaning service. I had years of experience cleaning my own home, and during my years in the corporate world, I became very familiar with the tasks performed by professional janitorial services. The first steps I took were to create a company name, form an LLC, and apply for a business license. I was well aware of the fact that Jacksonville FL office cleaning was different from residential cleaning. I needed to dedicate my evenings to my new enterprise since most business owners wanted their offices cleaned after normal working hours ended. I purchased a large supply of environmentally friendly cleaning products, and I hired a couple of people to work for me. I made sure to bond and insure them, and I also paid for background checks. I did not want to risk my fledgling business by hiring people with questionable backgrounds. My new office cleaning business took a while to develop, but my first two business clients eventually turned into a roster of clients too large for me and my two employees to handle. Once we established a track record of excellent service, I expanded my company and hired two more teams of crew members.