In Need Of Tree Service In Phoenix To Remove Tree

My parents are in the process of building onto their home. They always seem to have a number of projects involving additions being built onto their home. Their last addition that they're doing is to add a dining room onto the back of their home. The only probably is that they a very large tree in the backyard. They have been debating back and forth about whether or not to pull out the tree or to just build up to the point of the tree. They discussed this decision with their contractor. He recommended just having the tree pulled out. They are now in the process of looking for someone to come out that specializes in Phoenix tree service. They want to talk with a number of people that take care of tree service in Phoenix to see how cheap they could have the tree taken out for. They did a lot of their searching online and placed a number of calls to have people come out, and give them a bid on how much it would cost in the end. They would explain over the phone the general process of cutting down the tree, putting it through a machine to chop of the tree into smaller pieces, and how they would then use a machine and chains to pull out the stump.