Spending My Lunchtime Watching A Des Moines Roofing Crew

For the past week I've been going to a couple of different restaurants close to work for lunch and watching some guys from a Des Moines roofing company put a new roof on a big old house across the street. I find this comforting because my dad did roofing for many years when I was a kid, and watching roofers at lunchtime reminds me of my childhood. I remember Mom bringing lunch to Dad if he was working close by, and I got to ride along if I wasn't in school. I used to find the whole process of roofing to be fascinating, if a little scary -- Dad and the crew seemed to be so far up off the ground. I even dreamed about it a time or two -- about being on a roof with Dad and thinking how cool that was. I chose a different way of life and I work in an office of a manufacturer that makes farming equipment. I see Des Moines roofing contractors quite often during the spring, summer and fall, but I rarely make a point of sitting and watching them for an hour. A crew working on that house across from the two restaurants gave me the chance to do so.