I Created Some Outdoor Wall Decor With Plants

I love my backyard to look lush all summer. I plant so many things, and my perennials are getting really big. We have a platform deck, and I had my husband put up a wall on one side of it. I wanted to create some outdoor wall decor on it. I had seen these wall gardens in a magazine, and I wanted that on the wall he built. This would just add to the lushness already in the yard. These planters were attached to the wall, and you filled them with plants. It looked like a living wall. It came out great, but I wasn't finished with my outdoor wall decor yet. I wanted this wall to attract a lot of attention, so I purchased this beautiful brass outdoor clock, and a bird bath also made from copper. I didn't think the birds would use it because it as too close to the patio set, but they did eventually come. The living wall grew so much during the summer, and I'm sorry that all the plants will die over the winter, but this way I could change the plants each year. The ivy came back during the spring, and I'll have to fill in with other varieties of plants.