Water Filtration Systems Make Our Water Safer And Tastier

We joke in our home that if we drink water from our tap that we are getting a full meal with every glass of water we drink. The water in our city is really bad and full of particles. It is safe to drink according to all the tests that are done, but I sure am not willing to drink it, or give it to my family unless it's been through one of our water filtration systems. We have water filtration systems to take out any particles in the water that are better off not there. The main one we use is kept in our fridge on a pitcher of water. You can also buy ones for your sink so that anything that comes out of the tap is filtered. I need to get one like that so that our hot water can be filtered as well. Before our water dispenser on our fridge broke, we had a filter on the ice and water dispenser. That was really nice to have. Without water filtration systems, we would continue to have that full meal with each glass of water. It's gross to think about, and I'm grateful we can filter our drinking water. Not only is it safer, but it tastes so much better.