We Are Ordering Our Kitchen Cabinets From New Jersey

We recently renovated our kitchen and bath. We have been to all the stores around here and can't seem to find the kitchen cabinets we want. My wife had wanted traditional cabinets in a white washed oak. They have them here, but they weren't the style she wanted. We searched the internet, and found them. We will be ordering our kitchen cabinets from New Jersey. The warehouse that has them said that they would need the exact measurements from the contractor, and they can have them to us within a week, unless they are a custom size. In that case, it could take three weeks. Their website had shown the exact kitchen cabinets she wanted, and all the ones we needed were standard sizes. We didn't need any custom, and the contractor said that the cabinets should be up within a day. The salesman had been very patient with us wile we tried to rattle off the sizes we needed. He called our contractor to make sure all sizes were right, and good thing he did, because we had ordered one extra by mistake. The kitchen cabinets from New Jersey were delivered when promised, and the kitchen looks great. Hopefully we won't need to do this again for many years, but when we do, we will deal with them again.