We Always Put Up Seasonal Decorations

We always put up seasonal decorations, and of course Christmas is the big one. We put lights all around our house, and have a few of those blow up decorations. We put these light up snowflakes in all the windows. On Christmas Eve, we put these luminaries all the way up our walkway to the front door to welcome our guests. Our front door has a fresh decorated wreath with a spot light on it. The house looks beautiful for the Holiday season. We decorate our home for the other seasons also, but not like Christmas. In the spring, we decorate our yard with spring themed things. We have these two trees out front, and we hang plastic Easter eggs with fishing line on all the branches. We have larger eggs that we put under the hedges along the house. In the summer, the only thing we do is hang plastic beach pails and shovels from our front porch. Sounds strange, but looks cute. The last seasonal decorations are for the fall. We make our front yard look like a graveyard, with these styrofoam grave markers. We put a scarecrow up on the porch in the rocking chair, and have carved pumpkins going down the steps. We like to decorate our home for the different seasons.