Buying Our Fish At The Tropical Fish Stores In Denver

My husband has given up on his fish tanks. He says that they are too much trouble. I asked him if he would like to donate them to the nursing home in town. He was more than happy to, and I called them to see if they wanted them. The director of the nursing home was so happy to take them. She said that they could put them in the sitting area of the nursing home, and it would give the elderly something to look at. My husband had dropped them off there, and set them up for them. He told them that they should get their fish from the tropical fish stores in Denver. He explained how to keep the filters clean, and had promised to come buy and check them out every so often. The director had told the tropical fish stores in Denver of the donation of the tanks to them, and the store owners had offered to donate the fish they wanted, since it was for the nursing home. The owner also had told them about the benefits of having a fish tank. It's a fact that it lowers your blood pressure just watching the fish swim by.