Buying Engraved Beer Mugs

My husband and I just became parents this year. I wanted to make his first Christmas as a dad a great one and buy him gifts that represented him being a dad. He loves to have a beer every night so I decided that getting him engraved beer mugs would be a great starting point. I decided that I would get one that was about being a dad and another that was for his guy nights. The website that I found had a wide selection of engraved beer mugs as well as ones that I could personalize to my liking. I found a stein that was platinum colored and had the side engraved to say Daddy's Sippy Cup. The second beer mug that I chose was stainless steel and said Dad's Night Off. When I placed my order I found out that they were having a two for one deal which made them even more appealing. I placed my order on a Thursday and they arrived the following Tuesday. They were even nicer than I had imagined and the weight to them was so comfortable. I wrapped them up and when he opened them he loved them. He poured a beer in each right away to try them out.