About Antique Wicker Furniture

Many people like to purchase and collect antique wicker furniture made centuries ago. These hand woven fiber pieces of furniture are difficult to find in good shape. Wicker is not usually as durable as wood planks. Wicker furniture is very light so owners can move it around with ease. Although wicker was first made to go on the patio or in the sun room, antique pieces are usually kept inside. The first wicker pieces of furniture were found in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire. Although the wicker pieces from ancient times are long gone, there are many fine antique wicker pieces available on the market. Collectors often look for rare pieces in good shape. Rare wicker items, like baskets, cat trees and chests, are very hard to find. Many collectors do not invest in antique wicker tables and chairs unless they are very old. Wicker tables and chairs are usually quite easy to find in quantity. Most antique wicker furniture should not be restored from its original condition. Wicker is not easy to repair without damaging the original handiwork. Wicker furniture is usually purchased in the best condition available and then displayed carefully to preserve it for years to come.