We Needed Upholstery Cleaning In Baltimore

We had decided to visit my parents who live in Baltimore, and bring our kids and dog with us. My parents don't have any pets, and they said it was ok to bring our dog. He's a big dog, but very gentle and quiet. My parents and us went out to dinner one evening, leaving our teenage son and his two younger brothers home at my parents house. When we came home, we were shocked! My parents furniture was covered with mud from the dog. The boys had let him out for a little while in the fenced in yard, and when they opened the door to let him it, he charged past them and proceeded to rub himself all over my parents furniture. It was a mess! We needed upholstery cleaning in Baltimore right away. I looked in the phone book for upholstery cleaning in Baltimore and called this one place. I told the man what had happened, and he said that he would be there in the morning to see if he could remove the stains. He showed up early, and hooked up these hoses to his van. He was able to remove all the stains from my parents furniture, and they were so relieved, as were we! Next time we board the dog.