How To Find A Moving Company In Philadelphia

When looking for a moving company in Philadelphia, consider a few things before making any calls, and certainly before signing any contracts. First, what are you looking for in a mover? Do you have relatively little stuff and reliable friends? If so, perhaps you only need to hire a truck. Do you prefer professionals to carry your heavy yet fragile boxes? Some moving companies even provide packing services to help you fill your boxes prior to moving. Decide what you'd like before beginning your search. Next, during your search make sure the mover is licensed and insured. All moving companies must be licensed, so don't get pulled into a contract with someone marketing themselves as a mover who isn't a professional. Insurance will cover any injury to your goods or the movers in case of an accident so you don't have to pay for something yourself. You should also get an on-site assessment of cost from at least two movers. Conferring about cost over the phone is a good starting point, but many companies can't truly assess hours and labor without seeing everything there is to do. And be honest about everything you'd like moved. If the movers show up and there's more boxes than originally agreed upon, they have the right to ask for more money. Don't get stuck on your supposed moving day because you can't afford the service you wanted and there's no time to hire somebody else. Finally, compare prices. If one company is priced significantly higher or lower than other, find out why. To being your search for a moving company in Philadelphia, get recommendations. Friends and family members are a good source, but going online to third-party review websites is also a good idea. When you come across two or three companies that seem to meet your standards, call and beging the interview process to narrow down your search. A little research goes a long way to ensuring your move is safe and efficient.