I Purchase Only The Best Kitchen Cookware

I love to cook and have been doing it for over thirty five years. I don't have one specific set of cookware, but many from different sets. I think the best kitchen cookware is the pieces that get a specific job done. I have this small double boiler that I have had for the past twenty years. I only use it about two times a year, but it's something that I will never give up. Another piece of cookware is my slow cooker. I love this piece of equipment. If I know that I am going to be busy for the day, I could dump all my ingredients in, turn it on, and its ready for dinner. I think the best kitchen cookware are pieces that you collect through the years. Sure, you could go out and buy one of the top name sets, but be sure that you won't use all the pieces, and will have to buy certain cookware for certain jobs. Stainless steel cookware is good, but there are times that you just have to use nonstick cookware for something. Cast iron is another great piece, but did you ever have to boil water in it for spaghetti? Not good! You need a thin aluminum pot for that.