Flooring Seattle WA Made My Home Beautiful

My husband and I moved to the Seattle WA area a few months ago. We bought a home that had a lot of potential but was a real fixer-upper. The first things we wanted to do before we moved into our home was to remodel the kitchen and replace all the flooring in the home. We began looking for flooring Seattle WA. We soon found a great selection for flooring Seattle WA. Our hardest decision now was deciding what type of flooring would best suite our home. The types of flooring we were looking at included wood flooring, carpet and large floor tiles. There were definitely advantages and disadvantages to each type of flooring. We opted to put hardwood flooring in our kitchen to improve the feel and warmth of the room. We put tile in our entry off of the garage because it would be fabulous at disguising dirt. In our living room and in all the bedrooms we opted for carpet. However, we did not put the same type of carpet in all the rooms. In the living room and hallways we chose a durable, short-piled carpet. In the bedrooms we chose a softer higher-piled carpet to add a sense of luxury and coziness to the room. We love our new flooring, it was just the thing to complete our home.