I Needed Some Small Appliance Repairs In Denver

Once upon a time, I needed some small appliance repairs in Denver. Let's just say it hadn't been the best day. I'm a nanny for three kids, all girls. Their names are Kallie, Jen, and Lauren. Lauren's been teething lately, and I've had my hands full. I do everything I can, but she just screams and screams. Sometimes I just have to stop bothering, because nothing will help. I'm sure we will both be glad when her teeth are finally through. In the meantime, her lungs are getting a great workout. Every day, the girls are dropped off at my house by one of their parents. Kallie and Jen are usually pretty good about behaving, and Lauren is usually a very sweet toddler, so I rarely have problems and I absolutely love being their nanny. One day, I was walking around outside with Lauren, trying to make her happy. She loves being outside. Kallie and Jen were in the house, and every now and then I was checking in on them. I went in to check, it must have been around 3:00, and discovered that they had decided to "cook" something. Flour was spilled out on the floor, the fridge door wasn't shut, and my microwave and toaster were a mess. I closed the refrigerator door and had the girls help me clean up, but I could not get the small appliances to work. So I looked up a company for small appliance repairs in Denver, and they ended up fixing things for me. Needless to say, those girls are no longer allowed in the kitchen unless I am there.