Houston Foundation Repair

My family has lived in the same house for about six years now when we started noticing some vertical cracks in our basement wall. I hadn't noticed these before so I was wondering if something was wrong and called up a home inspector to have a look at my basement. The inspector came over and told us that our foundation was failing and we needed to have it repaired. We called up a Houston foundation repair business and I asked them a bunch of questions. Foundation failure can be caused by many things, including: poor foundation construction, poor soil preparation, large trees, water problems and more. Basically your foundation is built in a large hole and sometimes the soil is compacted properly, this can lead to problems; same with if builders use substandard steel in an effort to save money. There are a few methods to repair foundations which I learned from Houston foundation repair. Underpinning is a process to strengthen the foundation. It is a small structure that is built under your foundation to help strengthen your failing foundation. Another method is foundation pilings, but it is generally only used for deep foundations. Foundation repair is a complex job, but it is crucial when your foundation is failing.