Checking Your Garden Soil in Vancouver

I finally decided to take up gardening after we moved into our new home in Vancouver and had a good sized yard. I didn't really know the first thing about gardening, but I read a lot of books and talked family and friends who had experience with gardening. One of the first pieces of advice that I was given was to learn about the garden soil in Vancouver. Understanding the garden soil in Vancouver would be vital to having success with growing plants and vegetables in my garden. The first step to understanding the type of garden soil I was working with was to test the pH levels. The pH measures the acidic or alkalinity of the soil and determines how well the plant roots receive nutrients. Breaking it down, most plants do the best when the level is at 7 pH, which is thought to be neutral. Garden stores will sell kits to test the soil or you can take a sample and send it off for testing results. If the soil is not neutral, you can usually buy new soil that is the right level for growing. Or you can buy products that will treat the soil and bring it to the right level of pH.