The Basics Of Sod Installation In St Paul

Sod installation in St Paul is a process of laying blankets of grass over raw ground. The ground should be prepared first before the installation begins. Sod is delivered in rolls to an area in which it will be laid. However, the ground it will be laid upon should be free of grass and debris. Many times sod is laid after new construction, such as a housing development. The ground has no grass and only requires leveling before the sod is laid on top. If however you want sod installation St Paul on an already established lawn, you may need to remove the top layer of ground first so the sod root into the soil easier. A bull dozer or small loader may be able to remove the very top layer of soil and grass before the sod installation starts. After the sod is installed, you will need to water it with a garden hose to help the roots start growing into the new soil. The installer will instruct you on how much to water in the following days, and when you can begin mowing the new grass. You should also avoid walking on the sod for the first 24 hours.