Window Repair Denver: An Answer To Broken Windows

Window repair Denver has been a service I have used on too many occasions. Just this past summer we had another window accident while cleaning the basement windows. My son was on one side of the window and I on the other. We were taking turns using the cleaner and then opening the window and handing it back. My son decided not to use the frame of the window to slide it open and instead put pressure against the glass. As he applied pressure to the glass I heard a pop as the glass cracked. We were both too shocked to say anything at first as neither of us thought what he did would break the glass. He must have pushed extremely hard for that result to happen. My son and I took some duct tape and covered the cracks in the glass. That week I called the window repair Denver to fix the window. Fortunately, it wasn't an expensive repair and it was fixed quite easily. Two years ago my husband was rocking in a small recliner while talking on the phone to his brother. He was rocking in the chair with too much enthusiasm when the chair tipped backwards and hit the family room window. It shattered the window, and we had to have it repaired as well.