We Used A Plumbing Service Van Nuys CA When We Were In A Pinch

We recently had an issue with the plumbing in our house just hours before we had a massive home warming party with all our friends and family in attendance. We had been having issues with the plumbing in our house backing up into the tub for a few weeks, but we thought that we finally had the issue under control. We first noticed the problem weeks earlier when we noticed a foul smell coming out of the tub. Upon further inspection we discovered a raw sewage back-up had been filling the tub up every time we flushed the toilet. We fixed the problem and never gave it much thought again. We had all our friends and family arriving in a few hours when I noticed them smell again and discovered we had the exact same back-up once again. I didn't want to take any chances this time so I immediately called a plumbing service Van Nuys CA to get it fixed. We were fortunate that the plumbing service Van Nuys CA that we called was able to send a technician right over. The technician was able to figure out that we had tree roots growing into our pipes, which was causing the back-up. He got rid of the roots and was able to fix the problem before any of our guests arrived.